B2B Marketing on social media

Investopedia defines B2B as a type of commerce transaction that exists between businesses. Cadbury, for example, is a manufacturer of chocolate, who sell their products to wholesalers such as Musgrave Group. B2B is concentrated solely on business conducted by two different companies, rather than a company and their consumers (B2C). Similarly to B2C marketers and businesses, social media affects the way they work today, although B2B marketers have found it harder to integrate social media into their campaign than B2C marketers.

B2B marketers are core contributors to the growth and success of their companies. It is a burdensome responsibility, which is crucial to many businesses. 73% of CEOs believe their marketers are not able to demonstrate how their strategies and campaigns lead to an increase in demand and sales. Järvinen et all found that B2B companies use social media in several ways of attracting new customers, for example, showing expertise, increasing awareness and engaging customers. (Järvinen, 2012) B2B marketers use an average of six social media to help them work more efficiently. (Kipp Bodnar, 2012)

Blogging made its way to the web in the late 1990s, and since then has had a massive impact on B2B transactions. 82% of marketers who blog daily have reported a positive return on investment for their efforts. (Hubspot, 2013) Businesses often blog on their own website, or on social media such as LinkedIn. The role of B2B blogs becomes evident when we look at how buyers search for information. Today, buyers search for important data, much of which may be found in blogs. Today, nine out of ten B2B marketers in America are using LinkedIn, but in 2014, only 42% of them  found they were using it effectively. (Content Marketing Institute, 2014)

The reason blogging has become a key element to a B2B marketer’s success, is because it helps to build relationships. Marketers must blog effectively in order to gain attractiveness from other businesses. Harris et al found experimental evidence for elements of attraction in B2B. They found that familiarity, similarity, reputation and knowledge of alternatives could all impact on a business’ attractiveness. (Lloyd C. Harris, 2003)

Video content marketing is another major tool that B2B marketers use to build brand visibility and to engage with potential customers. The report B2B Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends found that 76% of those surveyed claimed it was a core factor in their digital marketing campaign and that 72% were using YouTube alone. 82% of B2B marketers reported a success from their video marketing campaign and 63% of them are experiencing an increase in video content spending. (Litt, 2014) After LinkedIn, larger companies, with 1000 or more employees, consider YouTube to be the most effective social media. (Content Marketing Institute, 2014)

B2B enterprises usually have a smaller customer base than B2C, but tend to have a higher selling point. Blogging and video content marketing, along with several other social medias for research, are important to B2B customers because they need access to more information, support and trust-factors to encourage a sale.


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